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Disadvantages of Cheap Imported Furniture


The choice of furniture was never greater. In addition, it was never as inexpensive to fully furnish your home with a trendy furniture thanks to cheap imported furniture. It may not look as classy as the expensive pieces of furniture but then again, it looks fabulous for the price because it is sold at incredibly low prices. It is completely normal to be tempted by this furniture considering that it is really cheap, however, you are highly recommended to avoid the temptation and buy quality furniture even if it is considerably more expensive because the imported furniture is not only cheap literally but it is also cheaply made.

If you really want your home to look stylish and tastefully decorated, cheap furniture is everything but a good choice. It may look trendy but it shows that it is cheap and you do not have to be an expert to notice which furniture was made in China and which one came from a reputable furniture making company or woodworking shop.

If you do not mind that your furniture reveals that it was not exactly made according to the highest standards, you most certainly do mind its durability which plays the key role in cost efficiency of the selected furniture. It is not impossible to find a really cheap product that is exceptionally durable but it is really like winning lottery. In 99.9 percent of cases, cheap products have to be thrown away relatively soon and cheap imported furniture is no exception.


First of all, it is made of cheap materials which are worn out in a very short period of time. Secondly, manufacturers who offer furniture at almost unreasonably low prices cannot really afford to pay much attention to quality control. As a result, this furniture never really looks as it should as a number of minor imperfections can be noticed fairy quickly if you take a closer look at it. This is due to the fact that no one really controls the workers and teaches them how to avoid minor errors which, however, do not just affect the furniture’s look but its durability to. Cheap furniture is therefore typically more expensive in the long run than those pricey pieces you consider way too expensive.

Potential safety issues is another and perhaps the greatest disadvantage of cheap imported furniture. Poor manufacturing standards combined with poor materials and a number of seemingly cosmetic imperfections can quickly turn into a disaster because it does not take much to injure yourself if the chair you are sitting on suddenly breaks. Children’s furniture is even a greater safety concern since most kids are not particularly gentle on the furniture. In addition to saving on quality manufacture and materials, manufacturers of cheap furniture also save on paints and finishes using the cheapest ones available which can release toxic fumes which are inhaled every time you are using the furniture or simply if you are in a room with that furniture. Not all pieces of imported furniture release potentially dangerous fumes but you can really never know which piece was made with regard to human health considerations and which was not.