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Preserving Tradition While Taking Advantage of Modern Furniture Making Technology


Furniture making methods have changed dramatically over time yet despite the availability of highly sophisticated technology, furniture made by the traditional methods typically appear superior over the finest pieces of modern furniture. This is due to the fact that industrially made furniture simply lacks the art of woodcrafting, exceptional attention to detail and a skilled artisan’s hand as traditional furniture was and is also an art at the same time. As a result, many homeowners prefer hundred years old or over older pieces of furniture over brand new ones. It is true, that antique furniture is highly sought after for its historical value as well but the main reason for its popularity without a doubt lies in its unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional quality of “manufacture“ which makes it just as sturdy, stable and durable as brand new furniture because furniture used to be made to last the entire lifetime and even longer which unfortunately, cannot be claimed for most industrially made pieces of furniture today, especially the cheap Chinese imports that are typically replaced several times during its owner’s lifetime.

Nowadays it is virtually impossible to find pieces of furniture which would be entirely handmade which, however, does not necessarily mean that it is not possible to find furniture which can compare to artistic endeavour and quality of the traditional furniture methods. In fact, many smaller- to medium-sized woodworking and furniture making companies have started paying a lot of attention to quality of both furniture manufacture and design rather than merely increasing the quantity on the expense of quality manufacture and materials to be able to compete with the cheap imports. And these companies achieved a major success in the recent years as homeowners who are after quality furniture are prepared to pay more not only due to unique appeal of quality furniture but also due to the fact that it is actually less expensive as cheap alternatives which have only a few years of “shelf-life“. Quality furniture does not only last a lifetime but it is often passed from generation to generation.

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Modern pieces of furniture, of course, are not made by using traditional methods which are based exclusively on hand tools. It is possible to find a few pieces of furniture made entirely by hand but they are typically very expensive because they take a lot of time to complete. Furniture companies and woodworkers who endeavour to preserve tradition take advantage of the latest technology which does not only enable them to produce a larger amounts of furniture but often also enables them to make more precise cuts, holes, joints, etc. as well as reduce the risk of costly errors. In a way, the modern furniture making technology enables woodworkers to make superior furniture over handmade pieces, of course, under condition that they follow the proven traditional methods, and use quality materials and quality control systems allowing them to create a perfect blend between the tradition and the most recent technology.